Pick by Light

Less mistakes, faster picking. Save money and paper with the smart ekko cloud platform for intralogistics.

In action at a large automotive group

Before ekko, many processes were primarily manual and therefore prone to errors. The picking, searching and gripping processes in particular were time-consuming and prone to errors, as they had to be acknowledged manually. As shown in the video, ekko has digitized and automated these processes.

With ekko:
ekko has reduced this susceptibility to error by digitizing manual processes using the ekko platform, ePaper displays and scanning gloves. Pick by Light from ekko has enabled the company to achieve significant time and cost savings, while helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

How picking works with ekko

ekko Platform


In ekko, the picking area is configured once for future workflows.

ekko Platform

Data processing

ekko processes the existing picking orders and distributes them to the picking supermarkets.


e-Paper Labels

The e-Paper labels identify the material in the Picking Supermarket. The labels of the picking order flash at the corresponding shelf compartments.


Pick By-Light

The picker picks the material using the flashing labels and confirms the removal. The tablet shows the status of the picking job and reports picking errors.


Pick To-Light

The picker places the material in the appropriate compartments of the trolley, which also have a label flashing on them.




The trolley is transported to assembly. The Kanban shelf there is also equipped with e-paper labels on both sides. The logistician places the parts from the sequence cart into the corresponding compartment of the Kanban shelf.


ekko Analytics

Via ekko Analytics, storage compartments and routes can be optimized, and multipicking can be implemented to further optimize your supermarket.

ekko ePaper Displays in different sizes for different use-cases

How much can you specifically save?

How many picking jobs do you have per day? 
4000 100.000

That’s what you save with ekko in just one year:
Cost savings (in €)
CO2 savings (in kg)
Avoided picking errors

e-Paper displays in action

e-Paper Labels from ekko are installed without complex cabling

Wireless & Flexible

While traditional pick by light solutions are rigid and wired, our e-Paper displays can be installed flexibly and wirelessly.

Fewer manual errors happen in conjunction with scan gloves

High mobility during picking

In combination with scanning gloves and other wearables, workers enjoy maximum mobility when picking.

Additional functions such as LEDs and programmable action buttons

Additional functions

Our e-Paper displays offer useful additional functions, such as programmable buttons and customizable LEDs. This allows multiple picking jobs to be executed simultaneously.

e-Paper labels from ekko have the same readability as paper

+ Paper-like readability

We have made it our mission to completely eliminate paper-based processes. At the same time, we guarantee that our displays are just as legible as paper.

Pick By Light rethought – with ekko

Example 1: Commissioning

The Problem:
In the picking areas, missing picks or fills can vary in cost – depending on the material and the time at which the error is noticed. Picking is one of the most expensive and at the same time most time-consuming work steps in the field of intralogistics.

ekko Solution:
The picking areas were equipped with ePaper displays, which are controlled by ekko according to the current order. The LED starts to light up at the correct compartment and goes out again after acknowledgement. This applies to both the filling side and the removal side on the shelf. Compared to paper, the error rate has been halved and efficiency increased.

Example 2: Order-related picking

The Problem:
Finding parts for an order takes up to several minutes because there are different, unsorted storage locations. The order number must be searched for and identified individually.

ekko Solution:
With ekko Finder, the previously digitally created copies of the order information can now be found directly by scanning the code from the order slip via MDE. All items associated with the order now light up so they can be found in seconds. The time saved sets the stage for a larger volume of processing in the future.

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