Warehouse Management

With ekko as a warehouse management system, the entire internal material and information flow can be mapped.

In operation at a medium-sized supplier

Before ekko:
Before ekko, day-to-day work in the warehouse often looked like this: Employees had difficulty keeping track of the locations of products. Shelves and storage locations were labeled with handwritten or printed labels, which led to confusion. Employees had to manually select the correct products based on written orders or handwritten notes. Errors occurred frequently as it was difficult to identify the correct products and storage locations.

With ekko:
The ekko platform enabled precise management of stock levels in real time. Bottlenecks and losses could be avoided as all relevant data and information was easily accessible. This led to a significant increase in efficiency and productivity in the warehouse. Overall, the introduction of ekko in the warehouse led to a significant improvement in work processes, a reduction in errors and considerable savings in resources, particularly paper and energy. Warehouse management was digitalized, which led to more sustainable and efficient operations.

The unique features of warehouse management with ekko

Companies can start with a small project and seamlessly expand the solution as their warehouse grows or requirements change. This allows you to adapt flexibly to the individual needs of your company.

The ekko platform gives companies a comprehensive insight into their warehouse processes with real-time data on stock levels, movements and efficiency. This enables well-founded decisions and optimizations based on data and analyses.

Combined with other solutions from ekko, such as Pick By Light, virtually all processes in your warehouse can be digitally mapped and continuously optimized.

e-Paper Displays in action

e-paper displays from ekko are installed without complex cabling

Wireless & flexible

While conventional pick-by-light solutions are rigid and wired, our e-paper displays can be installed flexibly and wirelessly.

Fewer manual errors occur in conjunction with scan gloves

High mobility during picking

In combination with scanning gloves and other wearables, workers enjoy maximum mobility when picking.

Additional functions such as LEDs and programmable action buttons

Additional functions

Our e-Paper displays offer useful additional functions such as programmable buttons and individually customizable LEDs. This means that several picking jobs can be carried out simultaneously.

e-paper labels from ekko have the same readability as paper

Paper-like readability

We have made it our mission to completely eliminate paper-based processes. At the same time, we guarantee that our displays are just as legible as paper.

Warehouse Management with ekko. Industry-independent.

Example 1: Automotive industry

The Problem:
In a large production warehouse of an automotive manufacturer, the warehouse processes were previously characterized by manual procedures and a lack of transparency. Parts and components for the assembly lines were picked in the traditional way, without a clear overview of stock levels. This led to errors in inventory management and delays in production. Paper-based processes led to bottlenecks and increased storage costs.

ekko Solution:
Following the implementation of ekko Warehouse Management, the entire warehouse was restructured. We integrated ePaper displays and digital shelf labeling into the warehouse to enable efficient and error-free picking. The ekko platform was seamlessly integrated into the warehouse management system, providing real-time data and analytics.

Example 2: Pharma- and Healthcare

The Problem:
In a large pharmaceutical warehouse, uncertainty and inefficiency prevailed before the implementation of ekko Warehouse Management. Shelf labeling was outdated and updated manually, leading to errors and delays in order fulfillment. The lack of clear traceability of products in the warehouse led to bottlenecks and difficulties in fulfilling orders. Compliance with safety and quality standards was a challenge.

ekko Solution:
Following the introduction of ekko Warehouse Management, the pharmaceutical warehouse underwent a transformation. The ekko platform was integrated to provide real-time data and analytics. Employees were supported by Pick By Light technology and were able to process orders without errors. Compliance with safety and quality standards can now be monitored more closely.

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