Case Study

Warehouse Digitization cuts costs by 50%.


Find out first-hand how this SME (a leading roller shutter manufacturer) has halved its costs and reduced the time spent on picking processes by almost 90%.

The Success Story:

“This leading roller shutter manufacturer had search times of around 4 minutes per process. By digitizing these processes, they were able to reduce the search times to 30 seconds.”

How they managed that:

At this medium-sized company, the roller shutter curtain must be installed with the semi-finished roller shutter box in a single work step. Previously, the roller shutter curtain and the corresponding roller shutter box were manually retrieved from the warehouse. ekko has equipped both products with an e-paper display. Information is shown on these displays, e.g. in the form of a QR code. This information is configured and rewritten via the ekko software platform. If the worker now scans one of the two products, the corresponding product automatically starts flashing.

Before ekko:
4:00 min search times per order
146.000€ costs per year

The effects:

This digitalization of the work steps saves the company more than 3 minutes per order. In addition, significantly fewer manual errors occur, as each work step is digitized and can also be monitored via the ekko platform. ekko has thus drastically reduced search times and at the same time provides control and analysis functions.

Since using ekko, the company has halved its annual costs and saved 3:30 minutes of search time per order. All this with an ROI of 7 months.

With ekko:
0:30 min search times per order
84.000€ costs per year

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