Consignment Bill

Paper consignment bills often have a lifetime of only a few minutes. The digital consignment bill is located directly on the transport rack and shows what is currently in the individual compartments.

In operation at a major automotive group

Before ekko, consignment bills were still printed from paper and were therefore open to manual errors, e.g. during printing. As seen in the video, ekko has digitized these processes.

With ekko:
With digital consignment bills from ekko, the company was able to save time, costs and vast amounts of paper.

The idea behind this use case

The Problem

The shipment of material with transport racks is always accompanied by a consignment bill or a transport list.

In everyday life, incorrect labeling here can confuse the assignment. The process of labeling costs a lot of unproductive time.

ekko Solution

The assignment of a permanently attached ePaper label to the shelf enables correct labeling of the contents according to the filling sequence. This means that no more time has to be scheduled for labeling, and mixing up the shelves is prevented.

The advantages of the digital consignment bill from ekko

ekko friendly save

Save time & costs

With ekko, the labeling process of accompanying documents is fully digitally automated. This saves time, costs and protects the environment, as no paper is used.

Readable like paper

Perfect readability

Digital consignment bills from ekko completely eliminate the need for paper and are still perfectly readable like paper thanks to their large display. The battery life per display is approx. 5 years.

Faster processes

Error reduction

The automated labeling process completely eliminates manual errors, such as incorrect labeling, etc.

The digital consignment bill opens up infinite possibilities

Example 1: Assembly Flag

The Problem:
Assembly flags are printed on a DinA3 paper and accompanies the car to be produced. The relevant information for the employee is static. In addition, paper is unnecessarily wasted, which leads to further costs and has a negative impact on the CO2 balance.

ekko Solution:
The digital assembly flag allows a changing display per cycle area and is therefore more clearly arranged.

Only the relevant information is displayed to the employee depending on the situation. In addition, attention can be drawn to particularly critical information by flashing the LED or coloring.

Example 2: Digital Destination Display

The Problem:
Until now, delivered goods were written on with felt-tip pens and brought to their destination with underfloor conveyors. However, the labeling was often no longer legible and the exact destination was not obvious. This led to misplacements and unnecessarily long process times.

ekko Solution:
The goods are now automatically labeled with an ekko display. As soon as the correct storage location is reached, the entire display flashes conspicuously.

These companies already use digital consignment bills from ekko:

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