The easiest way to digitize industrial processes sustainably.

Digitization of complex manufacturing processes, from optimization of intralogistics to cycle-related assembly instructions.
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ekko reduces error rates by up to 50%

  • Manual processes are digitally monitored – this results in less errors
  • Full transparency of every work process
  • Manual errors are visible directly on the ekko platform

Save 60 million sheets of paper per year

  • ekko fully eliminates paper-based processes
  • More sustainability in your company and protection for the environment
  • Elimination of consumable materials, such as printers or toner

ekko reduces costs by more than EUR 500,000 on average - per year

  • Minimization of search times, running times and picking errors – ekko reduces costs enormously
  • Total elimination of paper and printing costs

ekko provides information when it is needed.
Nothing more and nothing less.

Data sources

For each item, there is a lot of information available (storage location, condition, etc.). But for each process only certain information is required. All information and data runs into the ekko platform - no matter what type of data source (ERP systems, WMS, MES, manual/analog data).


The ekko platform identifies the information required for the particular work step. From the data chaos, ekko filters only the relevant information and thus reduces complexity and the possibility of errors.


The filtered information for the particular work step is passed on by ekko to e-paper displays, scanners or any other hardware. In seconds, ekko writes new information onto e-paper displays, which significantly speeds up processes and allows different work steps to be performed almost simultaneously.

ekko is nearly limitless

Pick by light

Less mistakes, faster picking. Save money and paper with the smart ekko cloud platform for intralogistics.

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Shelf labelling

With e-paper displays, ekko can digitally map all information. For example, this can be information about compartments on a shelf. The labels can be easily changed with a touch on a button.

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Digital consignment bill

Paper consignment bills have a lifetime of just a few minutes. The digital consignment bill is directly attached to the transport rack and shows the current contents of the individual compartments.

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Always know exactly which part has which stock. E-kanban solutions from ekko enable a reduction in inventories while ensuring high, consistent material availability.

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Warehouse Management

With ekko as a warehouse management system, the entire internal material and information flow can be mapped.

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Experience ekko live

Experiencing something yourself often helps to make theory more tangible and to develop your own ideas.
At these two prestigious locations, we invite you to plan projects or explore topics in greater depth.

Digital Capability Center

The DCC Aachen is the world’s first model factory 4.0 with textile production as a demonstration example and functions as a test base for piloting and scaling new digital solutions.

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Fraunhofer IML

The Fraunhofer Institute has created the Picking Lab, where various picking technologies and warehouse management systems (WMS) can be tested and compared.

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Become a Smart Factory in 8 weeks

No implementation effort, no development costs. Start your digitization without much expense.

Demo Appointment

In a short personal video call, we identify potentials for digitization in your company.

Analysis of potentials

After we have talked about first potentials together with you, our team analyzes the information.


Afterwards we discuss more detailed procedures and define the target process with an in-house workshop.

Proof of concept

With our proof of concept, we test the discussed process in detail. You will receive precise information on how the use case will look in your company.


The preceding steps are followed by the final rollout, which can take place after just 8 weeks if the implementation is problem-free.

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