Case Study

The future of production management


Find out how ekko replaces production processes using conventional computer systems with digital solutions. Wireless displays and power-operated displays enable efficient, cost-saving production control.

The success story:

Replacing expensive computer systems with wireless ePaper displays enabled more efficient and cost-saving production control. Find out more about this success story here.

The Problem:

Previously, a production management system with 8 computer systems and one material supply server per production line was used, which meant a total of 9 computer workstations. This led to increased operating and licensing costs as well as unpredictable and time-consuming maintenance processes.

The main difficulty was the inefficiency and high costs caused by the large number of computer systems. The maintenance-intensive hardware as well as the expensive licensing and maintenance of the computers weighed heavily on the total cost of ownership. In addition, the unpredictability of maintenance work impaired operational continuity.

Before ekko:

❌ Complex licensing for 9 computer systems

❌ Unpredictable maintenance costs

❌ Time-consuming operation and management of hardware

The ekko solution:

The solution that ekko offered for the complex problem of digital production management consisted of an innovative conversion of the existing hardware infrastructure. Instead of the previous 9 computer systems per production line, these were replaced by battery-operated ePaper displays and Powered Displays from ekko.

The implementation of this new technology enabled centralized control via the ekko platform. The ePaper displays were addressed directly via the platform and filled with order-relevant content. This change eliminated the need for expensive and high-maintenance hardware that was previously required for production. The interaction between displays and barcode scanners was optimized, resulting in significantly simplified handling and a smooth production process.

With ekko:

✅ Reduction of consumables by 60%

Savings on licensing costs

Reduction in error rate by up to 50%

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