Shelf labeling

With ePaper displays, ekko can digitally map all information. For example, this can be information about compartments on a shelf. The labels can be easily changed with a touch on a button.

In operation at a large logistics company

Before ekko:
Before ekko, shelf labeling labels were still printed on paper. Updating shelf labels was a time-consuming process: it required a lot of time to go to the office, print out new information, cut it out, return to the shelf and apply the labels. Occasionally, there were also errors or outdated labels.

With ekko:
Thanks to ekko, this inefficient process has changed fundamentally. With the ekko platform, shelf labeling is now digital and flexible. Instead of wasting paper and performing time-consuming manual steps, you can update your shelf labels in real time via the ekko platform.

The unique aspect of shelf labeling with ekko

With ekko you can manage your shelf labels easily and in real time via the ekko platform. This means you can add new information or edit existing labels without wasting paper or performing time-consuming manual steps. Your shelves are always labeled correctly and up to date.

The areas of application are diverse – for example, on small load carriers in flow racks, on large load carriers on the storage area or on mobile transport trolleys.

Storage locations can also be equipped with several displays, e.g. in the case of a flow rack – the logistician on one side is then shown different information than the fitter on the other side of the rack.

e-Paper Displays in action

e-Paper Labels from ekko are installed without complex cabling

Wireless & Flexible

While traditional pick by light solutions are rigid and wired, our e-Paper displays can be installed flexibly and wirelessly.

Fewer manual errors happen in conjunction with scan gloves

High mobility when picking

In combination with scanning gloves and other wearables, workers enjoy maximum mobility when picking.

Zusätzliche Funktionen wie z.B. LEDs und programmierbare Aktionstasten

Additional functions

Our e-Paper displays offer useful additional functions, such as programmable buttons and customizable LEDs. This allows multiple picking jobs to be executed simultaneously.

e-Paper labels from ekko have the same readability as paper

Paper-like readability

We have made it our mission to completely eliminate paper-based processes. At the same time, we guarantee that our displays are just as legible as paper.

Shelf labeling with ekko. Various fields of application.

Example 1: Large load carrier display

The Problem:
Large load carriers often line up in the logistics area so that the labeling is no longer visible. Finding the right large load carrier is time-consuming and tedious.

ekko solution:
A large, easy-to-read display above the respective storage location ensures a uniform image and can flash accordingly via LED in the course of order picking to enable quick location.

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