Case Study

Digital commissioning as the key to modern production


Proven success: Our partner projects in various production areas present ekko with the challenge of optimizing plant processes, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

The success story:

The use of ekko has resulted in a more efficient, environmentally friendly and transparent picking process that has successfully overcome the challenges of the previous system.

The problem:

Before ekko, the picking process was still partly carried out manually and paper-based. Paper order slips are short-lived and dependent on functioning printers. This often resulted in mix-ups or unintentional multiple printouts, which was not only inefficient but also a waste of resources. When looking for a digitization solution for this picking process, great attention was paid to flexibility and scalability. However, many solutions on the market require specific hardware, which leads to limitations and, above all, higher investment costs.

Before ekko:

❌ Lack of real-time information on the status of order picking

❌ High paper consumption, inefficient management of printed documents

The ekko solution:

ekko revolutionizes the way jobs are processed by transferring the entire current job in digital form to an ePaper display. Unlike paper, this offers additional functionalities such as convenient page flipping, which conventional paper forms do not allow. Picks or the entire order can be confirmed directly on the display or via LED indicators. Thanks to ekko’s centralized control, displays are specifically addressed and filled with relevant order information.

In addition, ekko works independently of hardware and can therefore be used with various devices such as ePaper displays, smartphones and tablets, which offers flexibility and scalability.

With ekko:

✅ Accelerated picking, reduced error rates and optimized workflows

Adaptability to different needs

Reduction of printing costs and efficient management of digital documents

Digital order picking with ekko. In detail.

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