ekko collects data which can be used for optimization, for instance for route or process optimization.

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How does it work?

Many machines and systems generate data and have their own screens – with the ekko platform all machines & systems can be connected to provide the relevant data aggregated at the right time at the right place.

The ekko software platform communicates with the relevant hardware, such as e-Paper displays, and shows the operator/employee only the relevant information. In this way, not only errors are obvious and reduced, but also data is generated. 

This data is collected and can be used to analyse and optimize processes. In the long term, routes can be optimized and, above all, costs can be reduced.

The home of your applications. The ekko software platform.

The ekko SaaS platform delivers the flawless, data and information driven factory. Maximized output and highest efficiency are achieved with ekko as the seamless link between man, machine and process.

The result is a significant decrease of failures, search times, training times and CO2 emissions, with an average amortization time between 8 months and one year.

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The ekko software platform.
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What does ekko do in detail?

ekko is an IIoT platform to digitize paper-based processes within the material and information flow. Our goal is to transform paper- and manual-based processes in a sustainable way by leading the industry into a new digital age.


What is the target group of ekko?

ekko is attractive for any company operating in a component-assembling industry. From pharmaceuticals to automotive.


How long is the average time for amortization?

ekko amortizes after 7 – 12 months for our customers, depending on the use case.


How can I get in touch?

You can book a free demo appointment at any time, and one of our experts will advise you:

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