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„Strong partnership between ekko and PDi Digital“

ekko – the sustainable e-paper platform for the industry relies on a partnership with PDi Digital for the ideal support of the use cases implemented by ekko.

ekko is an Industry 4.0 SaaS platform to digitize material and information flows out-of-the-box. By digitizing paper-based processes in industry, the SaaS platform offers significant potential for cost savings. Not only are search, run or training times drastically reduced, but paper and toner costs are completely eliminated.

The code from ekko has the ability to model production processes almost as a digital twin. This makes it possible to track which component is where and in which condition throughout the entire production and logistics process. In this way, production steps can be supported by individual construction instructions. Extensive data analyses at picking, production or plant level are also made possible in this way.

Digitizing error-prone processes can increase efficiency by 87% while saving millions of sheets of paper. Through a combination of hardware, ePaper Displays from PDi Digital and our ekko platforms, ekko has already helped numerous companies digitize material and information flow processes. As an interface between data sources and hardware, the ekko platform passes on only the information that is currently needed for the specific work step, while at the same time providing new interaction possibilities between the system and the operator.

PDi Digital is the ideal partner for ekko. With its open SaaS platform sepioo® and a very competitive product portfolio of IoT displays and sensors, PDi gives us access to the ultra low power IIoT world.
The sepioo® IoT display product range, which has been tailor made for industrial use, offers multifunctional buttons and a multicolor LED as well as other advantages such as an in-built accelerometer and temperature sensor, very fast switching times and a stable housing for tougher requirements.

There are also display models that do not need a battery at all or that receive and send their data via NB-IoT. PDi Digital‘s e-paper products provide the perfect balance of extensive functionality and adaptability.

About ekko:
The ekko SaaS platform provides an error-free, data- and information-driven factory. Maximum output and highest efficiency are achieved with ekko being the seamless link between human, machine and process. The ekko software accomplishes all this through the almost magical combination of wireless e-paper labels, displays, scanners, sensors, and process & machine data. As a result, errors, search and training times and even CO2 emissions are reduced so significantly that the average ROI time is between 8 months and one year. And all of this with maximum employee satisfaction.

About pdi:
PDi Digital is so much more than a tech startup. As a joint venture between SES-imagotag, world-leaders in ESL for retail, and Bossard AG, world-leaders in the logistics market, PDi has unprecendented access to outstanding technology and a worldwide network of experts.

Combined with it‘s unique flair and startup agility, PDi is rapidly becoming a beating heart of IIoT technology.

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