✔️ Low investment costs

✔️ Wireless and flexible ePaper displays

✔️ Extensive analytics functions for process optimization

Pick-by-Light with ekko: The core benefits.


Pick-by-Light with ekko is cost-effective and manufacturer-independent

To always have the most flexible solution for picking challenges and use-cases we are working with wireless ePaper Displays. Compared to wired systems, these are significantly cheaper and can be flexibly retrofitted/converted for every kind of use-case.

Short ROI

The average ROI is between 1 and 3 years


Of course the final ROI always varies depending on the use-case. But from experienced work and projects with our customers ekko begins to generate returns within a mere 7 to 12 months.


ekko contributes to sustainability and a greener future

In addition to increasing process efficiency and reducing errors and costs, we massively reduce your company’s carbon footprint. By eliminating all paper-based processes you will also save massive paper and toner costs.

Pick-By-Light with ekko



ekko redefines picking by merging cutting-edge technology with a user-centric design. By introducing intelligent ePaper displays we transform the traditional manual picking into a digitally guided, error-resistant process. The system ensures real-time visibility, personalized access, and efficient data integration, mitigating errors and significantly accelerating workflows.


With our new addition of a dynamic shopfloor application, accessible on mobile devices right at the shopfloor, ekko provides a new level of flexibility and user-centricity. Our so-called ekko Picker application empowers workers and pickers to seamlessly integrate digital guidance into their tasks, further enhancing adaptability and efficiency in the picking process.

Pick-by-Light with ekko:
Use-Cases with our clients

Example 1: Commissioning

The Problem:
In the picking areas, missing picks or fills can vary in cost – depending on the material and the time at which the error is noticed. Picking is one of the most expensive and at the same time most time-consuming work steps in the field of intralogistics.

ekko Solution:
The picking areas were equipped with ePaper displays, which are controlled by ekko according to the current order. The LED starts to light up at the correct compartment and goes out again after acknowledgement. This applies to both the filling side and the removal side on the shelf. Compared to paper, the error rate has been halved and efficiency increased.

Example 2: Order-related picking

The Problem:
Finding parts for an order takes up to several minutes because there are different, unsorted storage locations. The order number must be searched for and identified individually.

ekko Solution:
With ekko, the previously digitally created copies of the order information can now be found directly by scanning the code from the order slip via MDE. All items associated with the order now light up so they can be found in seconds. The time saved sets the stage for a larger volume of processing in the future.

Wireless Pick-by-Light with ekko

We replace paper-based processes…

Despite the rapid advance of digitalization, many processes in industry are still paper-based.


This costs many companies huge amounts of consumables and, above all, harms the environment.

with digital order labels…

We are replacing these paper-based processes by combining our ekko software platform with digital displays.

In this example, we replace paper order slips with digital displays that rewrite themselves in a matter of seconds depending on the order.

and other sustainable, digital solutions.

The combination of our ekko software platform and displays is not limited to any particular format. For example, smaller displays with LED support can accompany and optimize picking processes.

This means you save in just one year:

The digitization of paper-based processes saves up to 6 million sheets of printed paper per plant per year and thus thousands of tons of CO2.

This saves you an immense amount of time and also drastically reduces personnel costs.

Reduction in process time due to shorter search times

584.000 Hours,
saved each year on printing, affixing and replacing labels

2.372.500 Errors,
that are prevented every year. This corresponds to annual savings in the millions*

Determined with our customers using the MTM-method
*Baechler, A., Baechler, L., Autenrieth, S., Kurtz, P., Hoerz, T., Heidenreich, T., & Kruell, G. (2016). A Comparative Study of an Assistance System for Manual Order Picking — Called Pick-by-Projection — with the Guiding Systems Pick-by-Paper, Pick-by-Light and Pick-by-Display. IEEE. https://doi.org/10.1109/HICSS.2016.72

The combination with the ekko platform



✔️ Digital Twin of your warehouse/assembly areas


✔️ User Roles/rights according to areas


✔️ Simple Connection of ERP/WMS systems


✔️ Storage Location Optimization


✔️ Route Optimization


✔️ Multipicking (dynamic supermarket optimization)



What is the difference to conventional pick-by-light providers?

  • Wireless
  • Low cost
  • Easy installation
  • User-centered design
  • Individual presentation via ePaper displays
  • Simple scaling

How quickly do the LEDs of our ePaper solution react?

Every 1.25 seconds, a cyclical query runs as to whether an LED should light up or not. Accordingly, it takes a maximum of 1.25 seconds for an LED to light up or go out.


How quickly do the templates on the displays change?

Every 20 seconds → The displays go into a kind of stand-by state with fewer changes, so that the response time to the gateway is faster with more frequent changes.


What colors are available on the displays?





How expensive is an ePaper display?

Between approx. 10 euros (1.6″ = Apple Watch size) and 150 euros (almost A4 size)


How many employees can pick at the same time?

The LEDs can light up in 7 different colors – so up to 7 people can pick at the same time.


What added value does the ekko software platform offer?

While e-Ink manufacturers focus on retail customers, more complex industrial processes can also be implemented very easily with ekko (e.g. pick by light). In addition, ekko is manufacturer- and technology-neutral, so that – depending on the use case – the appropriate hardware (e.g. e-Ink label, LCD tablet, screen, data glasses, etc.) can be selected.


What does the ekko Pick-by-Light solution cost?

The costs are divided into three components: 1. hardware costs, 2. license costs for operating the software platform and 3. project-specific costs for software integration. As a rule of thumb, you can expect a total of around 30 euros per storage compartment.


How does Pick-by-Light communicate with the WMS or ERP system?

The data is currently exchanged via a residual interface. In addition, we are currently testing a new tool with which integrations can be implemented around 50% more easily and quickly.


How is the Pick-by-Light system attached to the shelf?

We have various adapter solutions in our portfolio. This enables simple and cost-effective installation on various shelf shapes. The ePaper displays can then be “clicked in” at any position.


How long does a Pick by Light implementation take?

Depending on its complexity, a pick-by-light solution can be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure within just a few days.


Which technology is used to communicate with the displays?

Different technologies are available. The most common is radio technology via 868MHz or 2.4GHz.


What is the ROI of pick-by-light?

Most customers achieve an ROI in less than 24 months, in some cases even less than 12 months.